Client Testimonials

  I enjoyed every week with Nathan.  His encouragement and challenges helped to improve my overall health.  He listened, evaluated and recommended the perfect exercises to help improve muscle loss due to age and past injuries.  His service was gratefully more than I expected.  

-Len (Orange County, CA)

 During the balance training sessions with Nathan, I was able to achieve quite a lot. As an over 65+ longboard surfer, balance is a necessary attribute. Although somewhat accomplished as a surfer, I needed additional balance training to be able to walk up and down the board. Nathan provided me with TRX training, stretching, and floor exercises that definitely helped with this endeavor. 

-Pie Guy (Orange County, CA)

I was amazed at Nathan’s knowledge of the human body and its muscularity. I was further impressed at how well-prepared he was at each & every class; concentrating on core, back-upper & lower, legs-calves, ankles & feet and arms-shoulders, biceps & triceps. Not one area was neglected. And his natural concern and caring was evident for each & every student whether a beginner or expert. The feeling of closeness and unity of purpose is very evident at each class.  

-Rob (Orange County, CA)


Nathan's approach is positive and based on improving functional movement. His use of TRX is fun and effective.  Nathan provided me with nutritional coaching to support my training program. In six months of working with Nathan I achieved excellent results. I lost 40 pounds and went from wearing size 38 pants to now wearing size 32 pants. My strength and personal confidence also improved. Thanks to Nathan, I am in the best shape of my life and feel healthier than ever. 

-Fernando (Chandler, AZ)  

Nathan Brennan is a great trainer!  His knowledge and experience, top with his patience and enthusiasm create to perfect trainer especially for someone just starting out.  To my surprise, Nathan gave guidance to portion control to new food ideas.  Nathan was very careful to fully understand my condition at my starting point...I would highly recommend Nathan Brennan as a professional trainer

-Joanne (Chandler, AZ)

  Over the course of the six months, we lowered my blood pressure by ten points, took off two inches around my waist, .5” off my hips, increased my flexibility, balance was improved and I have dropped 19 lbs. and still losing.   I am extremely grateful to Nathan for his patience, persistence and his very respectful manner in the way he deals with his clients.  

-Cathy (Gilbert, AZ)

  From our first session, Nathan gave me hope that I could reduce my daily intake of Tylenol through an exercise program he created based upon my personal needs.   Amazedly after twelve weeks I was Tylenol free.  I continue on a daily basis with an exercise plan designed for me by Nathan.  I still get mild back aches some days (I am sixty), but thanks to Nathan I have medication free plan of attack to address the discomfort.   Words cannot begin to describe how much Nathan has helped me mentally as well as physically.

-Russ (Orange County, CA)  

 Nathan had provided me with a holistic approach towards improved physical health.  After several weeks, my muscles were less tight after a few simple stretch routines I learned from Nathan. Every week, Nathan targeted the weak spots causing aging body pains beginning from head to toe. By the end of the five months, I learned from Nathan the cause of my limitations.  He listened, evaluated and recommended the perfect exercises to help improve muscle loss due to middle age and past surgeries. His service was gratefully more than I expected.  

-Kristine (Orange County, CA)

I would like to say thank you for your time and dedication in helping me with my

fitness goals. Your attention to detail in making each and every movement point to the targeted muscle group is second to none. The training has removed four inches from my waist line, reduced body fat and BMI. Your focus on posture, balance and muscle tone has increased my strength and stamina, giving me an all-around healthy life style at age 68.

-Chris (Orange County, CA)

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