Nathan's approach is positive and based on improving functional movement. His use of TRX is fun and effective.  Nathan provided me with nutritional coaching to support my training program. In six months of working with Nathan I achieved excellent results. I lost 40 pounds and went from wearing size 38 pants to now wearing size 32 pants. My strength and personal confidence also improved. Thanks to Nathan, I am in the best shape of my life and feel healthier than ever. 

-Fernando (Ontario, CA)  

Hi my name is Nathan.


 Since 2012, I have worked with clients from all sorts of background— seniors, attorneys, CEOs, small business owners to stay at home moms, teachers, high school athletes.

I am here to empower people to take control of their health and fitness. To build their best body (look, move and feel better) and educate them through the process.


-NASM Certified Personal Trainer
-Certified Online Personal Trainer
-TRX Qualified Suspension Trainer

-Precision Nutrition Coach (Level 1)

-ACE Health Coach


I was amazed at Nathan’s knowledge of the human body and its muscularity. I was further impressed at how well-prepared he was at each & every class; concentrating on core, back-upper & lower, legs-calves, ankles & feet and arms-shoulders, biceps & triceps. Not one area was neglected. And his natural concern and caring was evident for each & every student whether a beginner or expert. The feeling of closeness and unity of purpose is very evident at each class.  

-Rob (Orange County, CA)

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Nathan Brennan is a great trainer!  His knowledge and experience, top with his patience and enthusiasm create to perfect trainer especially for someone just starting out.  To my surprise, Nathan gave guidance to portion control to new food ideas.  Nathan was very careful to fully understand my condition at my starting point...I would highly recommend Nathan Brennan as a professional trainer

-Joanne (Chandler, AZ)


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