Circuit Training Workout


Step back Lunges, Side Lunges, Squats, Shoulder Blade Squeezes with Hands Interlocked, Shoulder Circles

Main Workout

(2x45 seconds per exercise)

Reverse Chop, Medicine Ball Swing, Plank, Single Leg Balance Rotation with Medicine Ball, Resistance Band Lateral Walkouts, Dumbbell Rows

Cool Down

Arms Overhead Stretch with Fingers Interlocked, Hip Flexor Stretch, Figure 4 Stretch,  

TRX Workout


Do 12 reps for each movement

TRX Double Leg Heel Raises, TRX Jumping Jacks, TRX Standing Rollouts, TRX Standing Hip Drop, TRX Squat to Y Fly

Main Workout

Block 1 (3 sets of 35 seconds per exercise):

TRX Chest Press, Push-ups, TRX Rows, TRX Y Fly

Cardio Circuit (3 sets of 35 seconds per exercise):

Lateral Shuffle, High Knees

Block 2 (3 sets of 35 seconds per exercise):

TRX W Fly, Wall Slides with Wall Sit, TRX Step Back Lunge, Single Leg Wall Sit

Core Circuit (3 sets of 30 seconds per exercise):

TRX Plank

TRX Side Plank

Cool Down

TRX Upper Back Stretch, TRX Hip Hinge Stretch, TRX Chest Stretch, TRX Side Bend Stretch

Low Back Pain Prevention Workout

Foam Roll (30-60 seconds on each muscle group): 

Quadriceps, IT Band, Adductors (inner thighs), Glutes

Stretching (1-2 minutes):

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch, Frog Stretch, Hamstring Stretch, Glute Stretch

Activation (2x12 for each exercise):

Side-lying Clams, Birddog, Stability Ball Bridge

Integrated Dynamic Movement (2 x2 Laps): 

Lateral Tube Walking with Theraband


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